Voting closed in February.

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An exciting new Regional Football Facility is on the way!

Work is well underway on the Regional Football Facility. It’s located within the Wyndham Stadium Precinct that covers 63 hectares at 1160 Sayers Road, Tarneit. The Regional Football Facility will include a Reserve and Pavilion.

Once complete the Regional Football Facility will become the training base for Western United Football Club. The main grass pitch will serve as the main training base for Western United Football Club’s A-League teams, NPL matches and academy teams.

As both the Regional Football Facility Reserve and Pavilion are significant new infrastructure in Wyndham, they need official names that reflect the values of the local Wyndham community.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first round of engagement to choose a preferred naming theme for the Reserve and Pavilion. Your feedback let us know that the preferred naming theme for both the Reserve and Pavilion was 'linking the name to a place.' You can read more about our first round of engagement in the Engagement Report.

Now it's time to choose a name!

Help name the Reserve and Pavilion from either Davis (Davis Park and Davis Pavilion) or Ironbark (Ironbark Fields and Ironbark Pavilion).

These names are based on suggestions made by community members during the first round of engagement that are compliant with Geographic Names Victoria Guidelines as well as additional names suggested by Council officers for consideration.

Voting closes at 11:59PM on Sunday 18 February 2024.



Read some of our frequently asked questions before providing your feedback.

During stage 1, we asked you for your preferred naming theme for both the Reserve and Pavilion out of:

  • Linking the name to a place
  • Recognition and use of Traditional Owner Languages
  • Gender Equality
  • Using commemorative names

Your feedback told us that you prefer names that align with the location of the Regional Football Facility.

Community members also provided a number of suggested names which have been assessed by Council officers for compliance with the naming rules. Geographic Names Victoria (GNV) has also reviewed the proposed name options to ensure compliance with the naming rules.

Your can read more on stage one of the engagement process in our community engagement report.

All suggested names were assessed for compliance against the requirements of the Naming rules for places in Victoria.

The Naming Rules outline that new significant features across Wyndham cannot be named after commercial businesses, trade names, estate names (which are solely commercial in nature) and not-for-profit organisations.

When linking a name to a place (the preferred theme for both the Reserve and Pavilion), the naming rules mean that a number of suggested names were unable to be considered for the following reasons:

  • names that do not relate to the preferred naming theme, linking name to a place.
  • names of individuals who may or may not have a connection to the local area and/or soccer community and who are still living (as required by the naming rules, names of living people must be avoided).
  • inclusion of the suburb name "Tarneit" is not supported by GNV as the facility will service a wider area than just Tarneit. In addition, the suburb boundary of Tarneit may change in the future due to continued growth within the suburb.
  • inclusion of "Western" in any proposed name is not supported by GNV as directional names are to be avoided in naming. A unique name is required.
  • names of commercial entities cannot be used which limits also limits the use of "Western" which forms part of the name Western Melbourne Group and Western United.

A total of 385 votes were received during stage 1 of engagement.

In total, 51.17% of votes were for 'Linking Name to Place' for both the Reserve and Pavilion.

You can view a breakdown of the results from stage 1 below.


Linking name to place

Recognition and use of traditional owner language

Gender equality

Using commemorative names


The Loop - Reserve






The Loop - Pavilion






In person - pop up*

















Council will approve the preferred name following the consultation process, however all names are subject to final approval by Geographic Names Victoria.

All names that are suggested must relate to the four major themes identified in the State Government Naming rules for places in Victoria.

A number of names suggested by the community did include "Wyndham" in the title, which clearly reflects the desire for a name that links to place. However, "Wyndham Stadium" was a common suggestion which highlights existing confusion regarding the separate sites within the wider precinct. Wyndham Stadium is the name associated with the larger 15,000 capacity stadium which will be developed as part of the agreement with WMG Holdings to the south of the precinct. To avoid further confusion, Wyndham is not recommended in the name of the reserve or pavilion.

What is being named?

What is being named?


There will be two turf pitches and one synthetic pitch as part of the Reserve. The two turf pitches will be to a professional-grade standard that will be overlooked by the Pavilion.


The Pavilion will be two-storeys high and will have capacity for 5,000 spectators (when combined with the space surrounding the main competition pitch). The Pavilion will also include state-of-the-art training and gym facilities, function and media spaces, change rooms, staff facilities, kiosks, public toilets and a first aid room.


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