Community consultation for this project has now closed. Thank to to everyone who contributed.

Following community consultation, a full sized basketball court with netball has been constructed at Baden Powell Reserve and is now open. The current court located on Highlander Place at Seasons Park will not be removed after further review and information obtained was unable to substantiate concerns with anti-social behaviour and noise nuisances.

In 2019 council ran an engagement process and noise monitoring of the basketball court area in Seasons Estate in response to complaints over many years of excessive late night noise and anti-social behaviour outside the intended hours of use of the park.

Since Council has erected signage at the reserve identifying the works that are due to commence, we have had local residents ask at the last minute, that we retain the existing court (as they have outlined they were not aware of the consultation process in 2019).

Council is proceeding with construction of the new court, including netball in Baden Powell Drive Reserve. Whilst noting that anti-social behaviour impacts those living closest to the problem area and in light of further feedback from community members, Council plans to delay removal of the existing court in Seasons Park until after construction of the new court at Baden Powell Drive Reserve. This will allow an opportunity to monitor any behaviour change that may occur at Seasons Park as a result of the new court, whereupon Council will take action as appropriate.

Council is considering relocating the basketball court within Seasons Park Tarneit, currently located at Highland Place, to the Baden Powell Reserve located at Baden Powell Drive (map above). If this proposal is supported, Council will decommission the basketball court and replace it with off street parking at Seasons Park and a new court will be constructed at Baden Powell Reserve.