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The Black Forest Road North Town Centre is currently being planned for the Wyndham West growth area. It will be located north of Black Forest Road and west of the railway line in Wyndham Vale. The Town Centre will be developed by Frasers Property Australia.

To guide the future design and development of the Black Forest Road North Town Centre, the Wyndham Planning Scheme requires that Frasers create an Urban Design Framework. The Urban Design Framework sets the layout of key streets and the location of different uses such as shops, community facilities, and residential. It also sets requirements and guidelines for the design of buildings and public space.

The Urban Design Framework proposes that the required Council community facility (incorporating a library, performing arts facility, community spaces and kindergarten rooms) be located in the heart of the Town Centre. It would occupy the northern side of a main street, opposite the core retail, and be co-located with a town square.

Key features/ uses proposed by the Urban Framework Plan include:

  • Supermarket and shops
  • Cafes, restaurants and a potential cinema
  • Library, performing arts facility, community spaces and kindergarten rooms
  • Town square and pedestrian-focused main street
  • Childcare, health and medical facilities
  • Offices and locations for home-based businesses
  • Apartments and town houses
  • Private school
  • Railway station and bus interchange
  • Cycling and walking paths

Frasers, and their consultants Tract, have created a complete draft of the Urban Design Framework document, which is now on public exhibition. Complete and selected page versions of the draft document are available in the "Document Library" of this web page.

Following the exhibition period, the Urban Design Framework with be revised as appropriate. It will then be put to Council for approval. The Victorian Planning Authority and the Department of Transport are also required to approve the document. The Urban Design Framework will then become part of the planning rules. Planning permit applications for subdivision, use or development within the Black Forest Road North Town Centre will be required to be assessed against the endorsed Urban Design Framework.

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