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UPDATE: Wyndham City’s 2018/19 Integrated Plan & Budget was adopted at Council’s Special Council Meeting on Tuesday 26 June, 2018.

Roads, parks, sporting … and more!

It’s that time of year again. The Mayor, Councillors and staff have been crunching the numbers, and the 2018/19 Proposed Integrated Plan and Budget has been released! It's currently out for public exhibition and you're invited to provide feedback and make submissions for Council's consideration.

To do this, download a copy of the Proposed Integrated Plan and Budget from the document library on the right and then select either the COMMENT or SUBMISSION tab below BY 5:00pm 15 MAY.

Highlights of the 18/19 Draft Budget

Up to a record $146 million is slated to be spent on capital works, reaffirming our commitment to building the infrastructure our growing community needs.

One of the major projects in this year’s Draft Budget is the upgrade of Forsyth Road between Sayers and Old Geelong Roads and the commencement of the construction of Ison Road between Princes Highway and the Geelong railway line. The $12.9m allocation for these two exciting projects will ultimately help to ease congestion in our growing City.

Also among this year’s highlights are:

  • $37.1m on roads across Wyndham, including traffic signals at Dunnings Road / Lennon Boulevard and Boardwalk Boulevard / Miles Franklin Boulevard intersections to manage traffic and provide safe access for pedestrians to cross these roads.
  • $5.9m to commence construction of the Wyndham Park redevelopment, transforming it into a park of regional significance alongside the Werribee River and the Werribee City Centre (including State Government grants of $3.2m)
  • $4.1m to upgrade some of our local parks across Wyndham
  • $3.5m to deliver a range of projects at Galvin Park including a new sports pavilion, car park and sports fields
  • $9.9m to complete the construction of the Wyndham Aboriginal Community Centre and Integrated Family Centre (including State Government grants totalling $3.16 million).
  • $2.0m to continue the Lighting the West project to replace street lights with LED lights
  • $1.0m to implement stormwater treatment initiatives to support healthier waterways.

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Annual integrated plan and budget 2018-19 adopted

Wyndham City’s 2018/19 Integrated Plan & Budget was adopted at Council’s Special Council Meeting on Tuesday 26 June, 2018.

The annual Budget includes a record $145.9 million set aside to build the infrastructure needed by our growing community. This includes:

  • $37.1 million on local roads
  • $24.7 million on buildings
  • $14.8 million on recreation and leisure facilities
  • $11.6 million on parks and open spaces
  • $1.2 million on footpaths and bicycle paths

Schedule of Fees & Charges 2018/19

The Schedule of Fees & Charges sets out the fees that Council may charge for 2018/19. Where a fee amount is set through legislation, the legislated rate supersedes any amount listed in this schedule. When setting the fee rate consideration is given to the following:

  • Equitable - the fees are fairly applied across a range of users and consideration is given to the user’s capacity to pay.
  • Efficiency - the fees are simple for Council to administer.
  • Clarity – users clearly understand how and when fees are applied.
  • Transparency – the nature and use of the service is easily understood and accessible to all applicable users.

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