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Smart City Strategy Engagement Report available

by Carmen Greenway, about 1 year ago

Thank you for your interest in Wyndham City Council’s Smart City Strategy. This important strategic roadmap will inform how technology and innovation will shape how our community, visitors and businesses work, play and live.

Last year Wyndham City Councillor and Smart City Portfolio Holder, Cr Aaron An, outlined the value of this strategy when he said:

“The Smart City Strategy will ensure our city remains connected, globally fluent and innovative. Above all, this strategy will be tailored to suit the needs of the community, focusing predominantly on how technology is leveraged to improve the quality of life for citizens across Wyndham.”

From the outset, a citizen-centric approach was taken, exploring technologies such as low energy wireless networks, web-enabled smart sensors and big data analytics in a bid to address key city challenges, better manage the functioning of the city and to deliver services more effectively.

The project team designed and delivered a multifaceted engagement approach that included:
  • Dedicated Smart City Strategy project page on The Loop
  • Community survey (504 responses) and staff survey (153 responses)
  • Two community consultation sessions
  • A Councillor and Smart City Portfolio Committee briefing/workshop
  • A Smart City Summit
  • A Council Executive Leadership Team briefing
  • 14 staff sessions (2x general staff, 12x specified managers and senior staff).
The engagement process saw the emergence of five key themes (Transport, Environment & Sustainability, Citizen-centric, Partnership & Collaboration and Data-Driven City), and four critical issues (Wyndham Brand, Safety/Security/Integrity, Innovation and Community Receptiveness).

The Smart City Strategy Engagement Report further discusses and analyses the consultation and learnings.

The outcomes of this engagement process will now be used to inform the development of the Smart City Strategy. A draft report will be available for public exhibition and feedback in April 2019.

Consultation has concluded for this project and it was adopted by Council on 25 June 2019.